You Bought A Home: Why Hire A Mold Inspector?

11 January 2023
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If you just bought a home, then it's the perfect time to hire a mold inspector to give your property the all-clear before you move in. Your mold inspection will reveal the type of mold you have in your home as well as where it's located — you'd be surprised where mold can thrive. In learning this information, you can also learn where your mold issue came from and how to treat it.

Here are reasons to hire a mold inspector right after you buy your home. Have this done even if you don't suspect a mold problem.

Your home is vacant

When you hire a mold inspector before you move into your home, you get the all-clear entirely before you move in. Mold inspection services work to make sure your home is free of mold spores and if there is existing mold, will remove it. You want a vacant home to do your mold inspection because mold can embed anywhere, even in carpeting, clothing, and drapes, and you don't want to deal with trying to get rid of mold after you move in and have potentially exposed all your things.

Your home is unknown

A new home is brand-new to you and has its own set of issues. A home inspection is not a mold inspection, and a mold inspector is the only professional who can help you truly see what is wrong with the moisture issues in your home. When you get your property, knowing the type of mold you have and how to take care of the issue is key to being able to move in and enjoy the property.

Your mold inspector does the following:

  • Check known mold areas, including under sinks and in carpets and walls
  • Identifies the types of mold they find to know how to eradicate the mold
  • Performs mold remediation or outsources the work to another professional
  • Gives insight as to how the mold formed in the first place
  • Ventilates the space so the homeowner can return to the home

Have a mold inspection service such as Mold Inspection & Lab Test do a thorough check of your home to make sure it's move-in ready and if it's not, have mold remediation done so you can eventually move into a clean and healthy home. Make plans to have your mold inspector come to your new property and do your mold inspection with plenty of time to complete the work before you move in. This will allow you to have a beautiful and great home to move into.