Renting Portable Restrooms That Provide More Than Just Toilets Inside

13 July 2022
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Portable toilets have been around for a long time. Often they are hot, uncomfortable, and hard to maintain. However, if you need restrooms for an event or in a location that offers more comfort and better conditions, luxury portable restroom rentals are an excellent option.

Determine Your Needs

When considering portable restroom rentals, you may need to evaluate what you are using them for and what you need in them. Some luxury restroom trailers offer toilets, sinks, and showers inside that are comfortable, and more like a bathroom found in a house or other structure. 

Often these units are used for on-location bathrooms in places like campgrounds, remote job sites, and events so that performers or others in attendance have what they need to freshen up or clean up after a long day. These luxury restroom trailers are typically self-contained and have a fresh water tank, a black water tank, and water heating systems on board so they can be set up and used, then removed as a single unit later. 

These trailers can also be connected to electrical power, a water source, and even a sewer line if one is available to allow them to remain in use for an extended period. The trailer may have a single large bathroom in it or be broken up into three or four individual bathrooms with showers and changing rooms that can be assigned for people to use. 

Delivery And Setup

Like low-cost portable toilets, luxury restroom trailers are typically delivered to your site and set up for you by the rental company. Setting the units up allows the rental service to ensure everything is working correctly and the restroom trailer is ready for use when they leave. 

If you have a specific area you want the restrooms set up in, talk with the delivery driver when they arrive, and they can look at the location you have in mind to determine if that will work or not. There may be some requirements that are important, like level terrain or accessible power, but most rental services will work with you to ensure you get the service you need.

Once you are done with the luxury restroom trailers you are renting, the rental company can pick them up for you. If you are using the restrooms on the property that requires special access, you may need to arrange the pickup time to meet them at the property or make sure someone is there to do it for you.

For long-term rentals, servicing the restrooms on-site is often necessary unless they are connected to a sewer and water line. You can discuss the service options when you set up the rental to ensure the restrooms are clean and ready to use when needed.

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