Five Important Factors To Consider When Renting A Portable Toilet For Wintertime Festivities

26 September 2017
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Planning a portable toilet rental for a wintertime event can be a little more complicated due to the potential for low temperatures and the logistics of getting a portable toilet in and out during potentially inclement weather.

The following are five important factors that need to be taken into account when you're arranging a portable toilet rental for a wintertime festivity:

The time of the day the event will be taking place

The time of day of the event will have a significant impact on what the temperature is at during the event. Nighttime events are more likely to take place in freezing temperatures than daytime events.

Also, nighttime events mean that lighting fixtures need to be set up around portable toilets so that attendees can see. Don't forget to take into account the fact that the day is shorter during the winter, so the sun will go down earlier than it would for events that are taking place in the summer and early fall. 

The ability to allow attendees to wash hands in freezing weather

If you're dealing with potentially freezing temperatures during your event, you need to offer some way for guests to wash their hands after using the toilet when water will freeze up.

One great option for hand sanitizing in freezing temperatures is alcohol based, waterless instant sanitizers. These substances won't freeze but will kill germs so that they don't spread around among event attendees easily. 

The number of people who will be attending

You need to plan for the crowd size to make sure that you have adequate toilet facilities for all your guests. If your winter events draw a smaller crowd than events that your organization holds at other times of the year, plan accordingly. 

The sale of alcoholic beverages at the event

Remember that portable event toilets are likely to get significantly more use at events where alcohol is being served. Attendees are likely to drink more and have a need for the toilet more frequently if they're imbibing, so make sure you factor alcohol availability into your plans for portable toilet rentals. 

The number of female vs. male attendees

If you're arranging for separate male and female facilities, put some thought into which gender is going to be more likely to attend. You might be able to cut down on portable toilet rental costs if you can minimize the number of toilets you rent by getting just enough according to the makeup of your attendees. 

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