5 Ways To Protect Your Dumpster From Other People's Junk

21 July 2015
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When you rent a dumpster for your home, you have a limited amount of space to fill trash, construction debris, or other junk from spring cleaning. If neighbors or other people are using the dumpster for their own junk, then the whole thing could quickly fill up and the costs would come directly out of your pocket. To help protect your dumpster rental space, there are five ways to stop and deter random garbage from appearing in your dumpster. Each method is easy to execute and you can even get a little assistance from a dumpster rental company.

Dumpster Locks

For dumpsters with sliding doors, the easiest way to block out unwanted garbage is with a high quality lock. Dumpster companies can often supply these locks as part of a rental package. The cost of the lock rental is usually less than having to go out and purchase a lock of your own.

When the dumpster is left overnight, this is the best time to keep the locks intact. Without easy access to the dumpster, people will not be able to just throw their trash inside. For extra security, consider a combination lock that cannot be picked like a key lock. Extra little details can help you keep the garbage out.

Tarps & Covers

Some dumpsters are impossible to lock because they feature large openings on the top. The dumpsters are typically known as roll-off dumpsters and are commonly used by residential homes. The large opening on the top of the dumpster makes it easy for people to just throw junk and trash inside.

Instead of leaving the dumpster open, you can easily cover it up to prevent junk from getting instead. A large tarp or cover can lay over the top of the dumpster. Bungee cords can help keep the area tight and protected. When looking for a proper tarp, it's important to have an overlap over each side of the dumpster. This will ensure that the whole dumpster is properly covered and there are not any openings where garbage can get placed in.

Motion Cameras

Not only is it important to protect the space in your dumpster, but you should find out who is illegally placing trash in there. By setting up a few motion security cameras around the dumpster, you can catch anyone that is tossing stuff inside. By using a Wi-Fi security system, there is no need to sift through hours of footage each day. When the motion monitor is activated, you can receive an alert on a cell phone or tablet. With this alert, you are able to live stream the camera feed and determine if anyone is using your dumpster without permission.

Not only does this offer a great way to monitor your dumpster, but the footage can become useful if you need to get law enforcement involved.

Deterrent Stickers & Signs

Sometimes it only takes a simple sign to keep people out. Use the sides of the dumpster to display stickers or signs. Examples include "For Private Use Only," "Keep Out," "Not a Public Dumpster," or "Dumpster is Under Security Surveillance." Using one or more of these signs is a great way to deter the use of your dumpster.

Charging Fees

Instead of making the dumpster use a battle, you can team up with neighbors for an easy solution. Allow neighbors to use the dumpster for a small fee. Not only will this help cut down on the total amount you paid for the dumpster, but it will help discourage the use of the dumpster without your permission. Making the fee at a reasonable price will encourage neighbors to buy in and use the dumpster with your set guidelines.

When executing any of these methods, it's important to do it in a civil manner without causing drama or making accusations. Keeping everything as friendly as possible will help make things go smoothly.